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Professional Comedone Extractor Remover Kit

Professional Comedone Extractor Remover Kit

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Say Goodbye to Blackheads!

There is nothing pleasant about knowing a blackhead or pimple is getting ready to break out! This kit will save you any embarrassment and give you smooth blemish-free skin.

Boosting your self confidence is our aim.


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This 3 Piece Comedone Extractor Remover Kit can be used for:

  1. Acne treatment
  2. Blackhead removal
  3. Comedone extraction
  4. Pimple removal

Method of use:

A Comedone Extractor is an essential tool for acne-prone, or blackhead prone skin.

Use the steps: 

  1. Make sure the blackheads, acne or pimple are exposed.
  2. If it's not exposed, with a needle, prick the skin first.
  3. To extract, place the blemish opening in the middle of the circle and press down, moving slowly, until the blemish is against steel wire edge.
  4. If you have difficulty extracting the blackhead, try another direction.
  5. After use, clean again for more clean, silky skin.

Note: use after use, please use soft cloth to wipe clean, put out of children's reach.

Tip: To avoid leaving bacteria on the face, it is suggested to use this tool in combination with other acne treatment or anti bacterial products.


  1. Only responsible adults should use this product.
  2. Do not continue to attempt the extraction if the comedone does not release easily.
  3. Disinfect the area when finished.

Made from the highest quality, hygienic stainless steel, you will not find a better quality product at this price.