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ValetMaster™ In-Car Trashcan

ValetMaster™ In-Car Trashcan

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How quickly does your vehicle floor get covered in trash? After those door-wells fill up and the glove compartment stuffed full of trash...

92% of Customers are Purchasing Two or More.
There are many places you could fit this, vent, headrest or even a computer desk etc - and probably another dirty family vehicle too!


You need no longer make cleaning out your car an arduous task. Just empty one or two of these ingenious devices and your done! 

We fitted these to every company vehicle so our drivers would have no excuse to return their car in a mess. The scheme worked incredibly well!

Kids and visitors don't throw their rubbish on the floor when they visit your house! Why let them do it in your car? A few of these and a little discipline will keep your car clean and tidy. Who knows who you may be picking up next? A clean car always makes a better impression.

Multi-function use:
  • Trash. Keep your vehicle tidy!
  • Storage. For any items, baby stuff, de-icer/scraper, drinks, food etc.
  • Leak-proof. Those sticky drops of soft drink sure wreck your interior fast.
  • Foldable. You can fold it neatly when not use.
  • Easy to clean. Solid, heavy duty material.
  • Easy to install : Hang it with the adjustable strap to anywhere, including door grabs, headrests, seat buckles, or gear shifter.
  • Fits any vehicle: Universal to fit in any Car, Truck, Van or SUV Great for mobile homes also. It can also be used home, office, etc.

 Today is our free shipping day - Also at a highly reduced price, why not get a couple? - it will save you a messy car or two!