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Mane & Fur Pet Grooming Gloves

Mane & Fur Pet Grooming Gloves

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Your beloved pet deserves tender loving care, especially when you're grooming them.

The Mane & Fur Pet Grooming Gloves is the only pair of gloves you need to maintain good pet hygiene for just about any kind of pet you have. Whether you have dogs, cats, horses, and even elephants!

Whether your pets have long or short hair, this pair has 180 soft grooming bristles, that helps remove dirt, loose hair or any kind of debris your pet gets from his adventures and misadventures.

Simply pat your furry friend with these gloves on and gather up all the deshedded hair in your hands. Groom your pets gently without the unwanted loose pet hair mess. 

This product comes in a pair of left and right hand gloves. Grab yours now!

Size: 22 x 12cm
Material: Rubber, Nylon 
Suitable for: Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc.
Package Inclusion: 1 pair of Mane & Fur Pet Grooming Gloves