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(Last Day Promotion 50% OFF)Easy Fish Hook Remover

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Always get hurt when you unhook the fish hook? Easy Fish Hook Remover can help you unhook it fast and safe!
Animated GIFThe deep throat can also easily remove the hooks,reduce the damage of the hook to the fish. (Suitable for all fish,inches shorter, more appropriate for small fish.)

Easy to operate, straight to the hook, not to hurt the line. (Any hook can be easily removed)

Fully Rust Proof Air Crafted Aluminum
Higher quality aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, durable stainless steel jaws and super sharp tungsten carbide cutters, greatly improved the anti corrosion ability. Perfect for fresh water and sea water.
Decoupling does not hurt the hand

Nicely protect your fingers from harm,avoid being bitten by fish and hooks.Significantly reduce damage on fishing line or fish with round-corner hook head design.

Perform Greatly for Saving Your Hook

You can remove circle hooks stably and quickly even though from deeply hooked fish throat.There are two size hook remover available to meet your requirement better,and inches shorter, more appropriate for small fish.

1. Small, easy to carry, shrinkable and safe.
2. Do not hurt your hands, do not hurt fish, do not hurt the line.
3. The stainless steel metal body is durable and does not rust.
4. The comfortable handle is easy to use and the deep throat can be easily removed.
5. Available in two sizes, the smaller the size, the better for small fish.


Package Includes: 1 x Easy Fish Hook Remove




Will I be able to use it on crappie?




It will work well on any fish whether a toothy fish or not. It puts a firm grasp on the hook shank allowing you to have control on the hook removal and not cause damage to the fish if you decide to release. Very handy item and protects your hands from unwanted tooth encounters!

By Seller on April 5, 2019





Will it rust?




No,i used it many times and it didn't rust.

By Peter D. on May 1, 2019