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Bag Sealer

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Want to know how to keep your leftovers fresh?

Maintain the flavor and texture of your food and snack in just a few second. Don't let it go bad.The primary cause of food going bad is exposure to humidity and the air changing the composition of the food itself. Eating food that has gone bad can be a great health risk. Resolve these issues using the Magic Sealer.

Instantly seal your leftover food into a bag for storage. Maintain the texture and flavor while keeping the freshness. With just two batteries seal any bag in seconds.

Material: ABS & Metal
Power Supply: 2 X AA Battery (Not Included)
Size: 100 x 45mm 
Precautions: The melting point is not the same between different types of plastic bag. For a good sealing effect, the battery must be strong.

Instructions for use.

1. Open the battery cover and insert two AA alkaline batteries.

2. Open the top cover.

3. Insert the item to be sealed about 2cm to 3cm into the device.

4. Continuously move the sealer along the bag until sealed.