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Poachpods® The Best Way To Poach Eggs!

Poachpods® The best way to poach eggs!

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BEST QUALITY SILICONE EGG POACHER PODS: BPA free, FDA approved. High quality food grade silicone material.

EASY TO CLEAN: 100% non-stick eggs. Hand wash or put them in the dishwasher.

MAKES PERFECT SCRUMPTIOUS POACHED EGGS: Perfect shaped delicious eggs that are evenly cooked, Amazing to the touch, Perfect for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner or just as a side dish.

HEAT RESISTANT: Up to 675 Fahrenheit can be used in boiled water or as a microwave egg poacher.

EXTRA THICK STEADY AND EASY TO HANDLE: 2 pack weights 54g(1.9oz).Thousand tests shows that this innovated design makes the whole body staying like a tumbler and never fall down